9 weeks     5/17/03

Windcrest Loch Vale Nighthawk HIC
bred by Judy Gorham and Larry G. Willeford

Ch. Hi Vu The Enchantor
Tartanside Preview ROM
Tartanside Inspiration
Ch. Twin City's The Great Divide
Ch. Barksdale Shenstone Edition
Ch. Barksdale Evening Shade
Ch. Barksdale Blush ROM
Ch. Countryview Tonite's Th Night
Ch. Aurealis Silverscreen
Ch. Countryview Admission
Ch. Countryview Dark Secret
Ch. Countryview Colorful ROM
Ch. Starr's Tailor Made ROM
Starr's Blue Topaz
Starr's Paint By Numbers
Windcrest Loch Vale Nighthawk HIC
Ch. Hi Vu The Blue Devil
Ch. Hi Vu The Enchantor
Hi Vu Bedazzle
Tartanside Preview ROM
Ch. Tartanside Th' Critics Choice ROM
Tartanside Inspiration
Ch. Tartanside Fringe Benefit
Avalar Windcrest Winsome
Ch. Gambit's Chill Factor
Ch. Gambit's Feel The Heat
Debutante's Gambit Collage
Windcrest Night Heat
Ch. Gambit's Freeze Frame ROM
Ch. Windcrest Bring On The Night
Vanity Tangerine Dream

F-117A Nighthawk
Graphics courtesy of
National War College Military Image Collection
Air Combat Command

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